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Mobile TCG P2E ‘CryptoArc’ will be released through Google Play.

‘CryiptoArc’ is a TCG that unfolds a vast story based on the ‘Romance of the Three Kingdoms’. You can select a formation such as three countries and enjoy elements such as collecting beautiful longevity cards and strengthening them. You can also meet the newly drawn heroes such as Liu Bei, Cao Cao, and Guan Yu.

In particular, it is possible to obtain a stronger longevity by winning the treasure through a fierce confrontation between users, and the matchmaking system according to the longevity weapon makes it possible to use various tactics depending on the situation.
In addition, users can sell and purchase their cards through the NFT exchange, and obtain new NFT cards through the breeding system.

In addition, it is possible to play cooperatively with users, so it is fun to play the raid boss that appeared during the mission with friends, and it also gives a sense of purpose by providing rewards such as providing game coins listed on the exchange.

What Gamers Are Saying

The game rules themselves are interesting.
Deck cost is limited, so strategy is required
There are a lot of strategic elements, and collecting cards is fun.

Brian Brian

It’s the best game of my life
It is very fun to collect and strengthen the cards of beautiful beautiful warriors

Roberto Soares Roberto Soares

It is different from existing simple tcg games.
Due to the counter system of longevity and weapon cards, various tactics and strategies are needed.
It is a great game that complements the shortcomings of existing tcg games.

emma Rodriguez emma Rodriguez

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Crypto Arc

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Our CryptoARC game is an TCG P2E game.
Gambling games as the next generation of NFT games.
Grow items acquired in the game and sell them in the NFT Market.

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